Homeschooling will Change Public

How Home Schooling Will Change Public Education (full text)

By Paul T. Hill, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Governmental Studies Program

Hoover Digest, Summer 2000, No. 3

from the article:

Parents who decide to school their children at home commit time and energy to an activity that was once left to specialized professionals. Even in the states with the most permissive home-schooling laws, parents must learn what is normally taught to children of a given age, find materials and projects that teach specific skills, and learn how to use their own time and that of their children productively.

Even a casual perusal of the home-schooling literature reveals the scale and intensity of home-schooling parents' search for ideas, materials, and relevant standards of performance.

Home schooling is a very large teacher training program, and many tens of thousands of people are learning how to teach, assess results, and continuously improve instruction. It also must be one of the biggest parent-training programs in the country.