Academic Progress

"...In consultation with the parents, the school authorities may decide where the testing is to occur and the type of testing instrument to be used...Other means of evaluating the progress of the children may be substituted for the formal testing process, such as periodic progress reports or dated work samples, subject to the approval of the parents. "

Care and Protection of Charles (1987)

Academic Progress

Assessment is permitted. While Charles permits a school to use a standardized test at the end of the year, other methods of evaluation such as portfolios, interviews, anecdotal records, signing off by a third party, etc. can be used. In good educational practice, assessment is aligned with curriculum and methodology. Thus, if you use a text-based curriculum that includes multiple-choice quizzes, and your child was familiar with test-taking strategies, a standardized test might be an appropriate means of evaluation. If, however, your program is more flexible, then other forms of evaluation should be considered and negotiated.

We recommend a statement with your chosen form of reporting be included in your education plan.

You may choose:

  1. Annual testing OR

  2. Annual Progress Reports OR

  3. Annual dated work samples

These are typically sent to the district at the end of the school year.