parent qualifications

"The superintendent or school committee may also examine the competency of the parents to teach the children."

The Care and Protection of Charles (1987)

Parent Qualifications

While the school district may inquire about your qualifications, Charles does not require that you provide a school system with your transcripts. Charles does not even require you be a college graduate. While a school may ask for college transcripts for those whom they wish to employ, asking for transcripts to inquire about a homeschooling parent's qualifications may be beyond the legitimate authority of the school.

Your education plan should include a statement that includes your general qualifications to teach your child.

According to the Charles Decision, "teachers shall be "of competent ability and good morals," and this simple statement should suffice as part of your educational plan.

The Charles Decision goes on to say "While we recognize that teachers in public schools must be certified, certification would not appropriately be required for parents under a home school proposal...Nor must the parents have college or advanced academic degrees. However, the superintendent or school committee may properly inquire as to the academic credentials or other qualifications of the parent or parents who will be instructing the children. "