Ed Plan Template

This is a template you can use to help you put together your educational plan. You may format your ed plan as a letter or as a separate document. Your educational plan must be submitted for approval to your superintendent or school committee before you withdraw your child from school.

Refer to the Quick Start Guide for a step by step guideline.

Note: Sometimes districts will ask you to fill out their own forms or have an in-person meeting with the district. These are not required for of ed plan approval.

Section 1: COMPULSORY Attendance

Statement about intention to comply with the compulsory attendance requirements - 180 days / 900 hours for elementary, 990 hours for high school

See Attendance in the Quick Start Guide for more detail.

Section 2: Subjects

Statement about subjects you will cover. Some examples of subjects:

  • mathematics / arithmetic

  • reading, writing and orthography

  • the English language and grammar

  • science and technology

  • history

  • geography

  • social science

  • constitution of the United States

  • duties of citizenship

  • health education

  • movement and physical education

  • arts

  • music

See Educational Plan in the Quick Start Guide for more detail.

Section 3: Texts, Materials & Resources

Statement about general materials you may use. For a non-exhaustive list of free learning sites and curricula, go here. - some examples are:


  • internet

  • educational computer software

  • on-line services

Reference Materials & Texts

  • Encyclopedias

  • Dictionaries

  • Atlases

  • reference books and materials (such as textbooks, field guides, timelines, globe maps, etc.)

  • newspapers and magazines

  • library books


  • calculating and measuring tools and utensils

  • arts and crafts supplies

  • audio-visual equipment and materials

  • science lab equipment

Community Resources

  • library

  • museums

  • parks

  • stage performances

  • sports programs

  • scouting programs

  • wilderness schools


  • private lessons

  • field trips and travel

  • educational games

  • unit studies

  • specific curricula

See Review of Texts in the Quick Start Guide for more detail.

Section 4: Parent Qualifications

Statement about your qualifications: “I am of competent ability and good morals” or a summary of your educational background. Note: there is no required training or college education requirement to be a homeschooler.

See Parent Qualifications of the Quick Start Guide for more detail.

Section 5: Method of Reporting

Statement about your choice of reporting such as (choose one):

  • Annual Testing

  • Dated work samples

  • Progress Report

See this section of the Quick Start Guide for more detail.