About Us

Purpose and Mission

The Massachusetts Home Learning Association, founded in 1987, is a voluntary unincorporated organization known informally as The Association or MHLA. MHLA is an advocacy and education organization which endorses home learning as an alternative to public or private schooling. MHLA informs and educates families, school officials, the media, elected officers, policymakers and other constituencies about the benefits, societal impacts and unique educational methods of homeschoolers. The organization does not represent any one political or religious viewpoint. In the spirit of harmony and collaboration, MHLA aims to unify Massachusetts homeschoolers and their representative organizations, to form a common voice dedicated to maintaining and broadening homeschooler freedoms.

Forming a Common Voice Among Massachusetts Homeschoolers

From its inception, MHLA has been committed to maintaining open communication with all homeschool organizations and businesses that have an influence on homeschooling in Massachusetts.